Stina (stina098) wrote,

of heatwaves and summerdays

Pairing: girl!sehun/girl!baekhyun
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7800w
Genre: romance
Author Note: originally written for girlexochange
Summary: Sehyun had longed for her heat to strike for ages, but now that it was finally happening, she was nowhere near as confident as she had imagined that she’d be. Omega!Sehun Omega!Baekhyun

“Do you think you’re going to come to the party later tonight?” Jongin asked, sipping on his orange juice before pressing the cold beverage against his cheeks and trying to cool them down. Summer had arrived more or less over a night and had caused the people at their campus to feel the need to throw a spontaneous party, but while Sehyun would have usually been ecstatic over this, she couldn’t help but feel indifferent towards it all.

Summer had always been her favourite season since it meant that she could spend more time outside, but she had a hard time mustering up any excitement over having to be in the middle of a drunk crowd of people when all she wanted to do was stay at home and binge eat ice cream.

She had felt out of sorts for the last couple of days, tired and a more than a little cranky, but since her finals were finally over and done with, she figured that it really was no wonder that she felt the way she did. She was far from the only one walking around with dark circles under her eyes and in comfortable clothing.

When she let Jongin know that she had no plans of going he glanced at her, a bit surprised.

“Why not? You’re usually the one dragging me with you to things like this.”

“I just don’t really feel like it.” Sehyun muttered.

Jongin shrugged.

“Well, I think I’ll probably be forced to go. Kyungsul, Chanyee and Jongdae said they were going too. Baekhye as well, but that’s no surprise since she’s basically the one who is throwing this party and—“

“Baekhye helped to arrange it?”

Sehyun turned to Jongin, suddenly attentive. It didn’t come as a particular surprise that she had helped to organise the party since Baekhye was almost always involved in anything and everything on campus, but Sehyun hadn’t heard of this and that was a first. She was usually the one informing Jongin if there was any get-together and keeping him updated on what Baekhye had been doing lately. It was never the other way around.

But then again, she had been too busy studying lately to pay attention to anything other than her textbooks. On the brief occasions that she hadn’t been, she had just been resting and wondering if she was coming down with a fever. She hadn’t seen Baekhye in almost two weeks if she didn’t count the time Baekhye had waved to her energetically from the other side of the cafeteria, busy talking with some other people.

It had been a very brief acknowledgement, but it had caused Sehyun’s stomach to tingle happily during the entire lunch. Even if she had been disappointed that Baekhye hadn’t even had the time to come over and say hello.

Sometimes when Baekhye ruffled her hair, cuddled with her, or nipped at her playfully whenever she did something Baekhye considered cute, Sehyun could convince herself that she was special to her or that she was the person Baekhye doted on the most in their joint group of friends.

But then Baekhye would go and get cosy with Chanyee, Kyungsul or Jongdae and the illusion was shattered, reminding Sehyun that Baekhye most likely just considered her to be like a cute and often grumpy little sister.

Not special to her in any particular way.

Baekhye was popular as well as a tease, and Sehyun had learned to take whatever she said with a grain of salt a long time ago. When she had basically everyone liking her, Sehyun knew that it was close to impossible that she would ever like her back.

Hell, even Jongin had gotten mated before she had, and that was an idea Sehyun would have scoffed at when she was younger. She hadn’t even had her first heat yet, even though she was at the age where regular Omegas should have at least gotten it once or twice.

“Yes,” Jongin confirmed. “She and a few others.”

Sehyun furrowed her eyebrows and was just about to say that she might come if she felt better –there was a chance that she would feel better after taking a nap after all—when Jongin took another sip of his orange juice and Sehyun suddenly felt like she was about to puke.

“Has that orange juice gone bad or something?” She whined, covering her nose with her hand.

Jongin sent her an incredulous look.

“No? I don’t think so?”

“It smells terrible.”

“No, it doesn’t. It smells normal.”

Sehyun scrunched up her nose, wondering how Jongin couldn’t smell the pungent scent coming from the juice. Especially not when he was an alpha and was supposed to have better senses than her. Jongin not noticing that the beverage had gone bad was odd, but then again he had somehow always managed to get food poisoning from all kinds of foods growing up despite this fact.

Making a face at him, Sehyun felt any small desire she had to attend the party fade away.

As much as she wanted nothing more than to see Baekhye, she just didn’t feel like it was worth it if worst came to worst and she ended up puking right in front of the person she was in love with.

After forcing Jongin to throw the rest of the drink away, she made her way home to her small dorm and collapsed onto her bed, exhausted and sweating. She hadn’t been out with Jongin for long but even so, she felt too out of sorts to even attempt to go and use the dorm showers on the other end of the hallway despite probably needing to. Instead Sehyun used the last of her energy to put on an action movie Kyungsul had recommended and wrapped a duvet around herself, curling up.

Her roommate Taozi was in China visiting her parents, and it left her with the entire room to herself for once. With everyone else too busy preparing for the night, she figured that she’d spend the rest of night undisturbed. Despite this fact, she hadn’t even managed to watch half of the movie before the door to her room suddenly burst open without a warning.

Sehyun recognised the scent of Baekhye before she even saw the omega, snapping her head in the direction of the door just as Baekhye entered. She was wearing a pair of blue shorts that showcased her thighs and instantly made Sehyun feel faint. Her short hair was up in a messy ponytail, and the flush on her face and the slight glow coming from her skin let Sehyun know that she had just been outside in the heat.

She looked beautiful –even more so because Sehyun hadn’t seen her in a long time-- and Sehyun suddenly found it very difficult to breathe or to stop the shiver that ran through her body. Baekhye’s scent never failed to make her both calm and buzzing with energy, but as much as she liked that, it was always difficult to hide her full body reactions to her scent from Baekhye who would most likely find them weird.

When Baekhye saw her sitting on her bed in her little makeshift nest she paused for a second before snorting, looking amused.

“I heard from Jongin that you weren’t coming tonight. Is that true?”

It was just like Baekhye to not even waste time saying hi, instead jumping straight to the point without even apologising for basically breaking the door. Sehyun released the death hold she had on the covers, paused the movie and told her heart to calm down.

“I don’t really feel that well.” She blurted out.

Baekhye cocked an eyebrow.

“And that resulted in you making a human burrito out of yourself? I don’t know if that’s the best way to handle the problem, but whatever works for you.”

When Sehyun hadn’t come up with a comeback in less than a few seconds, Baekhye’s previously teasing expression changed into a slightly worried one. It happened just as Sehyun felt a wave of dizziness wash over her and closed her eyes until the world had stopped spinning. When they reopened, Baekhye was already walking towards the bed and sitting down carefully beside her—not flopping down on it like she usually would.

Up close her scent was even stronger, and Sehyun had to physically stop herself from leaning in and taking deep breaths of her.

“You okay?”

Sehyun nodded, trying to fight the blush growing on her cheeks after seeing Baekhye up close for the first time in two weeks. She had hoped that the time spent away from the other would have made her less awkward around Baekhye, but if anything it had only done the opposite. The two of them had been close friends for over two years now, but even so, Sehyun still felt like she didn’t know what to do around the other, hyperaware of both herself and of Baekhye who was looking at her expectedly.

“I think I’m just tired.” Sehyun explained. “I don’t really feel like partying.”

“Oh. I see.”

Baekhye got to her feet; probably about to say goodbye and get back to whatever it was she had been doing before she had burst through Sehyun’s door. It shouldn’t have taken her by surprise since Baekhye always had something or another that she needed to do, but it still made her heart sink inside her chest.

But instead of walking out the door, Baekhye simply turned towards her once again, snatched the piece of duvet that had fallen away from Sehyun’s shoulders and got underneath it. It made Sehyun freeze, unsure if she wanted to pull away or push even closer as Baekhye’s scent embraced her and made her feel lightheaded. She took a deep breath, breathing her in, and felt another wave of dizziness hit her.

Baekhye smelled absolutely delicious, and Sehyun couldn’t stop herself from snuggling into Baekhye’s neck, purring. The arm Baekhye had thrown around her burned her skin, but it was the good kind of burn that made her want Baekhye to touch more of her. It made Sehyun feel undeniably hot, and although she hadn’t had a problem with the duvet wrapping around her body before, now it just felt like it was suffocating her.

Baekhye’s worried face swam into view above her.


She squirmed, suddenly feeling wet and sticky between her legs.

Baekhye’s nose flared, looking a bit confused at her reaction, before her eyes were widening in alarm.

“You’re in heat.”

Sehyun panted, staring at Baekhye in shock, and mentally ran through the last few days. She had figured that her weird mood had come from being tired and from the incoming change of seasons, but now she wondered. The weird reactions she had had to different scents, her inability to concentrate, the longing she felt to stay in bed. They were all tell-tale signs for an incoming heat.

Sehyun had longed for her heat to finally strike, but now that it was here, a year later than what was normal for omegas, she just felt frightened and nowhere near as confident as she had imagined herself being.

She didn’t have the situation under control at all.

“Baekhye, this is my first heat," she said, a bit of panic bleeding into her voice. "I don’t know how to—Taozi is in China.”

Sehyun swallowed, trying her best to stop from staring at Baekhye’s pink lips right in front of her.

She had hoped that her first heat would come in a calm way, when she didn’t have anything else to worry about and didn’t have it creep up on her unknowingly. She’d always planned that it would be her roommate who would help her through it since they’d made a heat pact a long time ago, but now those plans were gone.

Taozi was in China and wouldn’t be getting back for two weeks, and the ache between her legs wasn’t going to be getting any better. Sehyun didn’t know what she was going to do.

Above her, Sehyun saw Baekhye swallow; looking the most tense she had ever seen her.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Baekhye soothed, voice strained, and brushed some damp strands of hair out of her face. Sehyun keened at the action, nuzzling into Baekhye’s palm before she could stop herself and licking at Baekhye’s wrist affectionately. Then she recoiled, feeling more than a little embarrassed and wishing that she could just disappear into the earth. Licking and nipping at wrists was something mates did, not something she should have been doing to anyone else.

Sehyun felt a little like crying. This was turning out to be nothing like the first heat she had imagined.

Baekhye didn’t withdraw though; instead she cuddled closer and removed the duvet still wrapped around her body.

“If you want to, I can help you. I know I’m not Taozi, but still."

Sehun stared up at Baekhye just in time for another wave of warmth to wash over her and felt as if her face was on fire. It wasn’t unheard of for omegas to spend their heats alone, however uncomfortable and horrible it was, and she knew that Baekhye was giving her the option to choose.

Objectively, Sehyun knew that she should have probably said no for a number of reasons (most of them involving the fact that she was in love with Baekhye and that it would most likely only cause her pain) but the ache between her legs was killing her and the feeling of Baekhye’s skin on hers and her scent washing over her both soothing and making the need she felt to get closer to Baekhye stronger.

“Please,” she managed, embarrassed at the fact that it came out sounding like a whine.

Baekhye nodded, and before Sehyun had much time to feel shy Baekhye was leaning down pressing her lips against hers. They were soft and tasted sweet, and Sehyun couldn’t help the moan that escaped her lips as Baekhye slipped her tongue into her mouth and deepened the kiss. Sehyun didn’t do much other than lay there, short of breath and trembling as Baekhye slowly drove her to madness.

She had been kissed before but she didn’t remember it even coming close to how electrifying and addicting it felt when Baekhye’s lips met hers. She didn’t know if it had to do with the fact that it was Baekhye she was kissing or her heat, but she strongly suspected that it was the former.

Sehyun whined when Baekhye pulled back, chasing her lips with her own, but Baekhye’s eyes were intense as they stared at her and darker than Sehyun had ever seen them.

"Are you sure that this is what you want?”

When she had a hard time clearing her thoughts enough to answer, Baekhye’s gaze grew sharper.

“Sehyun. I need you to focus."

Even though Baekhye wasn’t an alpha by any means, Sehyun still couldn’t help but to obey.


Sehyun had barely spoken the words before Baekhye’s lips were back, leaving fiery kisses along her jaw and pushing her down more fully into the mattress. When Sehyun felt Baekhye’s teeth just barely graze her skin a wave of want so deep that it made her squirm and cry out crashed over her, leaving her breathless and flushed.

But that was really the only thing she could do as she allowed Baekhye to take control and steer what it was that they were doing.

"Arch your back," Baekhye ordered, humming in satisfaction when she complied and hiking Sehyun’s shirt around her waist before throwing it to the other side of the room.

It did nothing to cool Sehyun down, and the horrible ache she felt between her legs had only worsened when Baekhye had kissed her.

When she let out a small sob, Baekhye stroked her waist soothingly, rumbling.

"I know, baby, I know." She consoled. "I promise it’s going to get better soon."

Had Sehyun been in her right mind, she would have fainted at the pet name, but as it was she only whimpered and tried her best to shield her face so that Baekhye wouldn’t see how terribly flustered she was. In all of her times fantasising them together, she had always pictured herself being suave and experienced, but now she was feeling more deer-not-yet-able-to-walk than anything else.

A part of her was happy that her first time was when she had her heat, because now the only thing she felt when Baekhye slid her jeans off of her body --leaning over her and spreading her legs with her knees-- was a pure relief at no longer feeling overheated and a longing for Baekhye to touch touch touch.

But although Baekhye was helping her, eyes dark as she took her in, she didn’t seem to be in much of a hurry, almost teasing her with her actions. She stroked the inside of Sehyun’s thighs in the same manner she would do it if they were sitting beside each other and left her skin tingling and body buzzing. When Baekhye grabbed onto her ass and pulled her closer, slowly messaging it while the other hand came up to unclasp her bra, all Sehyun felt was impatient.

Sehyun just wanted the torture over with but Baekhye was a tease like always, taking her time until she was even more worked up and could hardly even see straight. It was a plethora of stimuli, and when Baekhye sneaked her hand beneath her panties --finally finally finally touching her where she needed it the most-- she blacked out, back arching, mouth open, and whole body arching as if it was unsure of what the proper response was.

Baekhye was on top of her through all of it, breathing in her scent and nuzzling her neck. Sehyun could feel her hot breath against her skin, and when Baekhye growled quietly, she realised that she was far from the only one affected by her heat.

"God, fuck, you smell so good."

Sehyun whimpered, crying out as she felt two of Baekhye’s fingers slip inside of her.

She’d always had dreams about those fingers, long and elegant, but she had never imagined that they would have her clamping down on them as they slowly drove her insane. But since Baekhye was Baekhye, she pulled away before Sehyun could reach her climax.

"What? No..." Sehyun whimpered.

She opened her eyes, watching as Baekhye removed the last of her clothing before moving on to her own. She had seen Baekhye in various stages of undress during their friendship -- in a bikini, in just underwear-- but she had never seen her totally naked before and the sight made her feel faint. Her entire being longed for Baekhye in between her legs and touching her.

She was so wet she would have been surprised if she hadn’t made a large stain on her sheets.

She didn’t have a lot of time to appreciate Baekhye before she was back, and somehow the pure skin to skin contact had made everything worse instead of better. Her blood sung, and with no clothes on she could smell the overwhelming, unaltered scent of Baekhye that made her insides throb.

Sehyun couldn’t help but to grind against her, just needing some kind of friction before she exploded, and dug her nails into Baekhye’s back as she rocked against her.

Baekhye responded by grinding against her too, thigh pressing against Sehyun’s bundle of nerves insistently. When it caused Sehyun to quiver and move about, Baekhye growled, sharp nails digging into Sehyun’s flesh and keeping her still as Baekhye gave her just exactly what it was that she needed.

And what Baekhye also seemed to need, slipping her thighs between Sehyun’s and barely biting back moans as she chased after her climax. Baekhye was almost as wet as she was.

A hand slipped down between their bodies, running over Sehyun’s breasts and down her waist until it came to tease her entrance and finally slipped inside of her once again; Baekhye’s long fingers making every sensation even more intense.

Sehyun could feel Baekhye panting against her neck where she was taking turns kissing, licking and very gently running her teeth along her fragile skin.

Sehyun didn’t know what to focus on.

When Baekhye curled her fingers almost lazily inside of her, Sehyun came so hard all else faded --vision turning white and feeling like every bone in her body had melted.

Still too dazed to even think about moving she felt Baekhye speed up, increasingly out of breath before she came too, and then a tiny prickling of pain against her neck. When she opened her eyes, Baekhye had collapsed next to her; their legs still tangled and both of their cheeks flushed with pleasure.

Baekhye’s eyes were blown, but they also had an odd quality to them.

"You okay?" She asked. When Sehyun managed to nod, voice still not steady enough to speak, she smiled faintly before she directed her attention to Sehyun’s neck and ran her fingers along it, expression odd.

"Lucky I didn’t bite you there." She murmured, voice strained.

Sehyun mumbled something incoherent back, too exhausted to reply, and cuddled closer. Baekye’s scent wrapped around her like a blanket and she passed out, calm.


When she awoke several hours later, daylight was already streaming in through the window. Baekhye was sitting on a chair next to the tiny kitchen, fully dressed and wearing one of Sehyun’s favourite sweatshirts. There were plates of food next to her that Sehyun figured that she must have prepared while she had been asleep.

Sehyun sat up groggily, groaning, and felt like she was suffering from the worst hangover in the history of time.

Baekhye simply smiled crookedly at her.

"I cooked some food. It’s important to get nutrition after your heat, especially after your first one. You look like you could need it."

"Oh," Sehyun said, grateful but feeling more than a little awkward. Now when the heat-daze she had been in had faded, she had no idea what would happen next or how their relationship would change. Baekhye had just taken her virginity, after all.

She didn’t know what would be worse: their relationship not changing, only proving that sure, Baekhye could help her with her heat but she wasn’t attracted to her post-heat, or that it would change, most probably for the worse if Baekhye felt awkward around her.

Some of her worry must have made its way onto her face, because Baekhye’s smile faded slightly.

"You don’t have to feel awkward about last night. It’s perfectly normal for friends to help each other through heats. I’ve done it before. It’s no big deal."

Sehyun tried her best not to show any disappointment, even though all she wanted was to pretend to still be asleep so that she could avoid this conversation.

Of course this wasn’t a big deal to Baekhye, and it was true that it was normal for friends to help each other through heats, but it was still a big deal for her.

Baekhye was Baekhye. She wasn’t simply any normal friend to her.

A part of her knew that it was her fault for even thinking that it could even possibly mean anything other than just helping a friend in need to Baekhye. It was only setting herself up for disappointment.

"I’m not," Sehyun lied. "I’m really sorry you missed your party."

"Don’t be stupid." Baekhye huffed. "Here, eat this."

She was offered a plate of eggs and rice.

"I would have made something more, but this was the only thing besides snacks that you had and I didn’t want to leave you until you woke up."

"You’re leaving?" Sehyun asked.

Baekhye nodded.

"Yeah, Hyoyeon just texted me. If I stay any longer she will murder me. I’m so sorry. You have to promise me to finish all the food."

"Don’t worry. It’s fine." She said, although it was a lie. If anything last night had made her even more inclined to not want Baekhye to leave. Only the idea of it made her stomach twist unhappily. When Baekhye stood up, walking over and ruffling her hair, all Sehyun wanted was to stop her and pull her into a hug.

But at the end of the day, they weren’t mates and Baekhye didn’t owe her anything, so she could only stare unhappily as Baekhye told her to eat once more and then walked out the door.

Sehyun didn’t get up straight away, allowing herself to nuzzle close to the spot where Baekhye had slept and allowing the scent of her to comfort her. It would fade soon enough, and she didn’t think she would ever have sheets that smelled so strongly of Baekhye ever again.

After an hour had passed she forced herself to eat the food Baekhye had made despite not having any appetite, and headed to the showers.

She was pretty sure she stank, and if she wanted to do anything other than stay as a hermit in her room all day, she needed to wash her body so that what she had done yesterday didn’t become obvious to anyone who as much as passed her.

The showers were luckily empty since most of the people who would usually shower in the morning was probably still in bed nursing massive hangovers.

It wasn’t until she was drying up, towelling her damp her and tilting her neck to the side that she noticed that she had a small bruise on her neck that Baekhye must have left. It wasn’t big, looking more like a hickey than anything else, but in the centre of it a tiny bit of her skin had ripped. Not enough for her to start bleeding, but still enough to have broken the first layer of her skin and for it to be noticeable.

Sehyun carefully ran over the small wound with her fingers, and felt her knees go weak as warmth flooded her body. She automatically exposed her neck further, going docile for a few seconds. When she had snapped out of it, she stared at her reflection in the mirror with shock, knowing that her body shouldn’t have reacted that way if the wound on her neck had been normal.

Baekhye must have accidentally bitten her harder than she had planned to, and unknowingly half-claimed her in the process. It wasn’t a full mate wound since she didn’t have any black marks running over the area, but she couldn’t say that it wasn’t one either.

Sehyun stared at the wound in the mirror and tried her best not to freak out.

She contemplated calling Baekhye and telling her about it, but then she recalled the way Baekhye had said “lucky I didn’t bite you there” and her heart sank.

Baekhye had been nice enough to help her through her first heat, and if anything that statement had made it obvious that Baekhye definitely didn’t think of her as a potential mate. Knowing that she had almost claimed her and left a half-mark on her neck would only make her uncomfortable.

Sehyun couldn’t even fool herself into thinking that Baekhye had helped her with her heat because Baekhye wanted to, since she had plainly stated that she would help only if Sehyun wanted her to.

Sehyun felt a familiar stinging sensation behind her eyes and tried her best to blink the tears away; hating this whole situation and hating Baekhye for making her feel like dirt without even meaning to. The half-claim was bound to fade with time, since Baekhye hadn’t fully pierced her skin, but in the meantime Sehyun decided that it would be for the best to remove any and all traces of Baekhye from her apartment until it had.

She forced herself to throw her sheets in the trash, ignoring the way her heart stuttered when she accidentally caught a whiff of her scent again, changed her bedding and opened the window wide to allow fresh air to flow in.

It made her feel more than a little queasy since all she really wanted to do was curl up and wrap herself in Baekhye’s calming scent, but she knew that she had to. When she was finished, she called a grumpy Jongin who had just woken up and made him come over, needing to focus on something other than the fact that her first heat had left her in more of a mess than she had been previous to it.

When he entered her room, his nostrils flared and he looked at her oddly. Before he could ask, Sehyun had already told him.

“I had my heat.”

“Well, damn.” He muttered, sitting down on Taozi’s unoccupied bed and rubbing his eyes with his knuckles. “No wonder you’ve been weird lately.”

“Baekhye helped me,” she continued.

She had no desire to tell him about the half-claim on her neck, but since she was already feeling down, she figured that she might as well cheer herself up by telling Jongin the details of what had happened and making him extremely uncomfortable. It worked to some extent, but when he left, leaving her alone with her thoughts, all her energy to do anything drained away once more.

The only thing she wanted to do was see Baekhye, and her wound had begun to itch almost as if it wanted the same, but that wasn’t an option and she knew it. Being around Baekhye would only torture her and make it even harder for her to keep her head straight, and that was something she definitely needed to do.

She’d been in love with Baekhye ever since they’d first met and something inside of her just knew that she was it, but now there was no reason to delude herself any further.

Baekhye had made it obvious that she didn’t think of her as a potential mate, and she knew that it would only cause her heartache when the day came and Baekhye actually found a mate.

Sehyun needed to try and distance herself and to start thinking of Baekhye as nothing more than her friend, and that would definitely be impossible while her body still thought of her as her semi-mate.


Sehyun spent the next couple of days sneaking around the campus, wearing scarves and turtle-necks in the middle of summer and trying her best to avoid any situations that could make her run into Baekhye. She avoided her friends, claiming that she had too much to do to go and eat lunch with them, and tried to steer clear of the places Baekhye would usually visit. But while she’d always had a hard time locating Baekhye the rest of the year and when she wanted to see her, this time it was like she was everywhere she looked.

Baekhye was in the library, in the cafeteria, in the park and all around the school area, making Sehyun duck away as soon as she saw her and ignore the part of her that screamed at her to approach. It was even more torture than normal not to be around her, because this time it was accompanied by heartache and the stupid half-claim on her neck that burned when she ignored Baekhye and her calls.

Still, she had done a pretty good job of avoiding her all week, answering Baekhye’s text messages as calmly as she could and trying to make them sound as happy as possible so that they wouldn’t give away how absolutely miserable she was. She was surprised that Baekhye even kept trying to keep in contact with her daily when she had given excuses after excuses at not being able to meet her or her group of friends.

The closest she got to talking to Baekhye was when Jongin had lured her out to the library and Baekhye had seen her from across the room with an unreadable expression on her face.

Like always Sehyun’s heart had sped up, and she had been unable to stop herself from simply staring at her or from getting clammy hands.

Sehyun had hoped that Baekhye would just smile and wave before turning back to the other people she was with, but when she got up, obviously about to make her way over, Sehyun had used all of her willpower to bolt out of the room, using a lame excuse that she had forgotten to turn her oven off.

After that she had tried her best to avoid Jongin and his questioning eyes, too.

Sehyun already felt terrible, wound on her shoulder throbbing a bit more every day that went without her interacting with Baekhye.

It all came to a halt after a little more than a week had passed, the wound still not healed much, and she was told that there would be a small get-together with people grilling and relaxing. All of her friends would be there, and although she had no desire to go since she knew that Baekhye would most likely be there, she knew that she had to at least show up for a short while. Otherwise Jongin would probably drag her off to the doctors, thinking that she was coming down with a serious illness.

It certainly didn’t help that she kept on wearing high-necked sweatshirts like it was already fall, something that caused him to look at her like she was crazy as they walked together to the park where people had already begun to cook food and open beers.

When he had asked her for the second time why she was wearing a warm shirt with shorts, she snapped.

"It’s not like I judged you when you decided that it would be a good idea to bleach the tips of your bangs. Stop annoying me."

Jongin opened his mouth to retort but was side tracked when Krystal sneaked up on him and latched onto his arm, smile wide. Sehyun ignored them both, walking over to where Jondae and Kyungsul were standing and grumpily stealing Jondgdae’s unopened beer.

She didn’t notice that they were staring at her before she glanced up at them.

"Is it becoming a trend to wear warm clothes in the middle of summer?" Jongdae asked. “It seems a bit stupid.”

“I didn’t have anything else to wear.”

“You’re not the only one though,” Kyungsul cut in.

Sehyun stared at the older alpha in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

Jongdae pointed at something --or rather someone-- behind her and from the shiver that ran through her body even before looking at the person, Sehyun could very clearly guess who it was. She turned her head just in time to see Baekhye approach and hug Jongin, wearing the same sweater Baekhye had borrowed from her after they’d had sex.

Sehyun was left momentarily baffled, both at the fact that Baekhye was out wearing her favourite ratty sweatshirt in public, but also that she was wearing it when it was as warm as it was. Baekhye didn’t have a mark on her neck, so she really didn’t see the point in it.

Then all of her thoughts faded away as Baekhye spotted her and walked over.

Sehyun had to hide her hands in her pockets to physically stop them from reaching out and grabbing onto the slightly smaller omega just so that she could latch onto her.

It proved to be for nothing as Baekhye instead did it for her, reaching out and hugging her like she had hugged Jongin and Krystal and probably everyone else here. Sehyun felt her heart breaking inside her chest, because this right here was exactly why she didn’t want to come.

Baekhye smelled even more incredible than usual, and although Sehyun had always found Baekhye’s hugs to be the best in the entire world, this time, when Baekhye wrapped her arms around her, it was like finally returning home.

Her muscles relaxed, and she let out a breath she didn’t know that she’d been holding.

It was as amazing as it was horrible to finally be around Baekhye because in a way, it was just like the world had finally given her everything she had wanted --to be claimed by an affectionate Baekhye-- but only in a little taste bite. Her whole body buzzed contently, and she only just managed to stop from purring when Baekhye nuzzled her neck slightly like they were mates for real.

It was horrible, because they weren’t mated, and she knew that she was the only one who actually wanted to be.

She allowed herself to hug Baekhye back, snuggling into her warmth for a few more precious seconds before forcing herself to withdraw and feeling sadder than ever.

Baekhye looked happy though, smile brilliant, and Sehyun tried her best to match her expression.

"Is everything alright with you?"

Sehyun pasted a smile onto her face, trying to remove Baekhye’s hands from her body as carefully as she could without making it too obvious. From the way Baekhye’s eyes flickered down to the place where her hands had previously been holding on to her arms and looked troubled for the briefest of seconds, she figured that she had failed.

"Of course."

"Your apartment didn’t burn down?"


"Jongin said that you had to run and turn your oven off the other day."

"Oh,” Sehyun said, a bit uncomfortable. She had never been the best liar. “Yeah, no, it was fine."

Sehyun sensed that Baekhye had a question on the tip of her tongue, looking more bothered than Sehyun had ever seen her, but before she could have a chance to ask it, Sehyun went back to her place between Jongdae and Kyungsul and downed her whole bottle of beer in one chug.

Jongdae obviously thought her behaviour was unusual.

"Is everything alright between you and Baekhye? I heard that she had helped you through your heat but did something else happen?"

"No, nothing," Sehyun lied.

Kyungsul didn’t look convinced.

"I’ve never seen you look so miserable around her before. If you’re feeling awkward about it, you really shouldn’t. Friends helping other friends through their heats is normal. You don’t have to worry."

Sehyun didn’t bother telling her that that was exactly why she felt as awkward as she did.

"Are you sure everything is fine?" Jongdae asked again. "Baekhye’s been acting weird this week as well."

“What do you mean?” Sehyun asked despite herself.

"I don’t know. She just hasn’t seemed as happy as usual. She’s been spacing out a lot."

Sehyun looked over to where Baekhye was standing.

Like always, she had people all around her, but it surprised her to see that she wasn’t really actively engaging in the conversation Chanyee seemed to be leading. Instead she was frowning, seeming a bit out of it.

After a few seconds had passed, she looked up and met Sehyun’s eyes, probably feeling the weight of her gaze on her. Sehyun was quick to look away.

"She’s probably just summer dazed," Sehyun muttered.

Kyungsul looked at her and shrugged.

"If you say so."


As soon as Sehyun got home, she went over to her kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water, having stayed another hour just to make Jongin happy before feigning a headache and leaving.

Taozi would be back tomorrow, and hopefully she would serve to erase the last of Baekhye’s scent that still lingered and made her feel content and miserable at the same time.

She tore her shirt off, throwing it onto her bed, and wondered how long she was going to have to suffer. The wound on her neck was taking a longer time to heal than she had hoped, but she guessed it had to do with Baekhye’s saliva. A real claim wasn’t supposed to heal after all, but this one was.

A knock at her door interrupted her musings and she sighed, wondering who it was.

Shuffling over to the door, this time she wasn’t overwhelmed by Baekhye’s scent before she saw her, instead coming to stare at her in surprise.

“Can we talk?” Baekhye asked, running a hand through her short hair and looking nowhere near as confident as she usually did. If anything, she looked more determined, but it was more the I-have-to-tell-these-bad-news determined than it was the good one.

Sehyun swallowed; a bit surprised that Baekhye hadn’t simply barged through the unlocked door like always. She stepped aside, allowing Baekhye to enter.

“You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you?”

Sehyun was speechless, not knowing how to respond, but before she could say anything Baekhye simply continued on.

"No, don’t answer that. I know that you have.”

Baekhye steeled herself, taking a breath.

“I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable the other day," she began. "I know I shouldn’t have offered to help, but you always smell so good and you were cuter than normal which I swear should be impossible because you’re always cute, and even if I shouldn’t have been, I really hated the idea of anyone else helping you and I just snapped. I know that you have a thing for Taozi because she told me that you had asked her to help you through your first heat, and I’m so sorry that she couldn’t. I’ve been trying my best to only treat you like my friend and treat you like everyone else, but I guess that failed. I understand if you’re mad, but please don’t avoid me or avoid being with your friends just because you don’t want to see me.”

Sehyun stared at Baekhye for a few seconds, processing her words and wondering if she was dreaming.

“You like me?” She asked after a few tense seconds, thinking that she must have has misinterpreted her words somehow because from where she was standing, it definitely seemed like Baekhye had just confessed to having feelings for her.

“I thought that was obvious.” Baekhye answered, sounding a bit confused.

Sehyun didn’t know what to do, torn between punching Baekhye in the face and pulling her into a kiss. Sehyun had always though that Baekhye was smart, because despite always partying and not really stressing much over anything, she had always managed to get a high grade much to everyone else’s chagrin.

How Baekhye had figured that she was in love with Taozi was beyond her. She might have loved her roommate platonically, but she was closer to falling in love with Taozi’s goldfish than she was with her.

But then again, between Sehyun hanging out with Taozi and Jongin and being a generally clinging person, it wasn’t the biggest surprise that Baekhye had reached the same conclusion that Sehyun had reached with Baekhye.

Her heart felt like it was bursting, and not caring about the consequences, she did what she had wanted to do all week, grabbing onto Baekhye and pressing her lips against hers.

Her ears burned as she pulled back, knowing then that it definitely hadn’t been her heat that had made her kiss with Baekhye special, but rather Baekhye herself. Her entire body tingled, and all she wanted to do was kiss Baekhye again and again.

Despite the fact that she also wanted to yell and throw shoes at her for biting her neck and then leaving her insecure. But she figured that she could get her revenge some other time.

“I don’t have a thing for Taozi,” she began. I have a thing for you. I’ve been in love with you pretty much since the first time we met.”

Baekhye stared at her, shock colouring her entire expression before a brilliant smile took over her face. It was Sehyun’s favourite smile; the one where her smile almost looked rectangular.

“You love me?”

Sehyun debated saying something sarcastic, but figured that now was probably not the time.


“Then why did you avoid me?" Baekhye asked, still sounding a bit confused. "I’ve been trying to talk to you all week. At some point I wondered if you were doing some weird impression of a squirrel.

Sehyun pointed to her neck.

“You bit me harder than you probably meant to, and I didn’t want to be around you until it had healed when I thought that you didn’t like me. It wasn’t because I was mad at you.”

Baekhye got an intense look on her face, lifting her hand and running her fingers gently along the wound. Sehyun’s knees buckled, and she closed her eyes as pleasure ran up and down her spine. Even if the wound had healed somewhat, it was still more than sensitive.

“Does it hurt?” Baekhye asked, but from her tone Sehyun could guess that she already knew the answer.

“No, but it itches when I’m not around you."

Baekhye wrapped her arms around her, breathing in her scent and running maddening fingers up and down her bare spine. Sehyun was once again reminded that she was only wearing a sports bra.

“This conversation is not going the way I had thought it would be going.” Baekhye muttered. “I thought you were going to punch me or something. Instead you say that you love me and I wind up having you half-claimed to me."

Sehyun felt Baekhye kiss her neck, right above where her teeth had left their mark, and couldn’t have stopped her full body shudder even if she had tried.

They managed to make it back to her bed without stumbling somehow, most of their clothes ending up spread out over the floor before they had even reached it. It felt different when she wasn’t on her heat because it meant that she could experience every sensation she felt when Baekhye ran her hands over her body without feeling too impatient for her to stop.

It also meant that when Baekhye kissed her stomach, slowly kissing her way down her body and spreading her legs while sending her a devilish smile, she didn’t have any heat to fall back on and make her feel less scrutinized.

In the end she could only trust Baekhye as Baekhye slowly slid her panties down her body and let her fingers trail her inner thigh.

"I’ve been dreaming about doing this, you know. All those times you wore short skirts or tight pants or really anything at all.”

Then she stopped talking, placing her mouth and her tongue on the place Sehyun had never felt them before and making all of Sehyun’s previous inhibitions fly out the window.


“So…you have a mate now?” Jongin asked, looking at her like she had just told him that the earth was square.


"And said mate is Baekhye? The same Baekhye you’ve liked pretty much forever and that keeps stealing your clothes only because she says that she likes the way they smell of you?"

"Yup." Sehyun answered.

Jongin sent her an exasperated look.

"Fucking finally."

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