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they don't love you like i love you

title: they don't love you like I love you
pairing: Sehun/Jongin
rating: pg-13
wordcount: 1000w
genre: fluff, romance
summary: Sehun has a crush.

They don’t love you like I love you

“I love you too, Oh Sehun.” His shrill voice called out, a few octaves higher than usual. Sehun stared at him in horror. “More than you could ever known. Ever since I saw you sitting there just staring at me with your resting bitch face, just I knew you were the brat for me. Come now, let’s fornicate in throws of passion with—“

“Baekhyun,” Sehun growled warningly, attempting to throttle him from where he sat opposite to him in the university cafeteria. It was a feat easier said than done when he had to take care not to spill any food over the expensive books that covered the entire table.

Baekhyun simply let out a pleased laugh and threw some grapes at him, not worried in the slightest. Next to him, Junmyeon sent them both irritated looks as he tried his best to study. Sehun ignored him, instead focusing fully on the devil sitting in front of him.

“If you don’t shut up right at this moment, I am going to murder you.” Sehun hissed, gripping his plastic knife tight in his hands as he looked around furiously.

For the first time in the history of time, he considered it a good thing that the cafeteria was nearly bursting with all the noisy people trying to eat their lunches. If it hadn’t been, there would have been no doubt that Jongin would have heard Baekhyun and the implications behind his speech. Even now, Sehun could tell that Baekhyun’s voice had caught his attention because he turned slightly where he stood, eyes scanning the room searchingly.

Jongin was wearing a pair of dark jeans and a white-shirt, and from his damp, messy hair and the bag slung across his shoulders, Sehun could guess that he had probably just been dancing. He looked well rested and relaxed, and Sehun’s breath hitched as he hurried to hide his gaze before he was caught staring, willing his heart to calm down.

“Why?” Baekhyun snorted. “It’s not like you don’t make it obvious enough on your own what with your constant staring and the way you die every time he just as much as says hi to you.”

Sehun growled at Baekhyun once again, raising his knife threateningly.

“I don’t die every time he says hi to me.”

“Well,” Baekhyun began, smirking, “I don’t know what you call those high-pitched, I’m-a-cat-drowning sounds you make around him, but I certainly wouldn’t call it anything else.”

Sehun glanced another time in Jongin’s direction and was both relieved and disappointed when he couldn’t find him anywhere.

He’d had a crush on the older boy ever since Sehun had first signed up for the dance club six months ago and had stumbled upon Jongin practicing one of his choreographies; limbs moving gracefully through each and every motion as if he was floating. It had rendered Sehun speechless, and when Yixing had let him know that the boy he was currently watching was the ace of the dance team, it hadn’t come as a surprise at all.

It had only gotten worse after Sehun had seen him around campus, laughing loudly with his friends or happily walking what Sehun had come to know was his sister’s poodle.

What with them sharing two dance practices every week and a few friends, Sehun had gotten on a friendly, first-name basis with him, but still had a hard time forming words around Jongin.

Baekhyun found it hilarious.

Sehun? Not so much.

“Sorry, Sehun, just stating the truth.” Baekhyun grinned, popping another grape into his mouth and not sounding very sorry at all.

“What truth?” A very familiar voice asked next to him.

Sehun froze, hoping he was hallucinating as he watched Jongin pull out the chair closest to him. From the curious look on his face, it didn’t sound as if he had heard much of the conversation earlier, but that did nothing to calm Sehun down as Jongin’s legs brushed against his and caused Sehun to hold his breath.

“Oh, nothing.” Baekhyun sang. “We were just discussing cats. Sehun’s been wanting to adopt one lately.”

Sehun couldn’t even pause to glare at Baekhyun because at that moment Jongin turned to him with a smile on his face that had Sehun internally collapsing. It was his favourite one out of all of Jongin’s smiles, showing teeth and making him look mischievous. For a second it made Sehun forget that he didn’t even like cats.

“Oh, really? My sister just got a kitten.”

Obviously Jongin’s smile must have done something to his brain because he blurted out the first thing crossing his mind before he could stop himself.

“But I thought she had a dog.”

Jongin blinked in surprise; obviously wondering how Sehun knew that. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, but with Sehun doing his best to avoid the other in order not to make a total fool out of himself, it was an odd piece of information to know.

“My other sister.” Jongin clarified. “It’s really cute but I don’t think it likes me.”

Sehun gaped; momentarily forgetting whom it was he was talking to.

“But you’re amazing!”

If Jongin had looked surprised before, he was straight up flabbergasted now. Sehun was horrified with himself, feeling as if he was watching a car-crash. At any moment Jongin’s facial expression would change to something much more unpleasant and Sehun would be left with a broken heart. Either that or scarred for life.

But instead of disgust painting his features, a deep-red blush settled over his entire face as Jongin burst out laughing, lips forming a bright and happy smile.

Sehun stared at him, confused. From what he’d observed, Jongin had never been the type to like compliments and though he always took them in stride, he’d always seemed a bit uncomfortable being complimented. Now he was straight up beaming, eyes twinkling contentedly.

“Thank you.” Jongin grinned. “To tell you the truth, I didn’t even think you liked me. Whenever I tried talking to you, you always seemed annoyed.”

Sehun closed his open mouth.

Baekhyun cackled.

“This is too funny. “

Jongin ignored Baekhyun, focusing his entire attention on Sehun. A blush was still staining his cheeks.

“Well, uhh... If you ever need help with your cat, I’m here. Perhaps we can even get some pizza and I can ask my sister for some advice.”

Jongin smiled, looking a bit bashful.

Sehun was dreaming.

“I’d really like that.”

It looked like he was getting a cat after all.

sorryyyyy josie <3

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